Bringing your new friend home

Kittens and cats are little bundles of joy that bring smiles to many faces. If you are considering adopting then you must be aware of the demands owning such a pet will bring. Felines are different then dogs as they require much less effort and are just as fun to cuddle with. Step should be taken to ensure a safe environment for your new feline.  Preparation of you household is a good idea to mitigate any risk.

Cats of different breeds behave differently so it is best to find out the facts about your cat and the commonalities. Some breeds such as Siamese cats are known to be a little more temperamental, however their beauty makes up for in the opinion of many. Your cat will slowly adjust to its new environment. It is your job to make sure that your new friend is comfortable in doing so. Just know that cats need routine and the transition it experiences in the in the finding of a new home will cause it anxiety. Do your best to minimize this and make a comfortable area for your cat to sleep, this will help its morale during the experience. You kitten or cat will probably prefer someplace quiet during the whole adjustment period as well. The lack of noise should help give your feline piece of mind. Additionally, your cat will find hiding spots, my advice is let it, this is normal. Just make sure the spots are safe.

Kittens are known for getting into things just as much as puppies so be cautious of this fact. Make sure to check your kitten’s surrounds before letting your little bundle of joy run loose. Thumb tacks, pins, and other sharp objects can injure your cat. For kittens, their bodies are not fully mature yet, hence they will not have coordination and dexterity of fully matured felines. This means more effort should be put in to the safely check process which will not need to be nearly as rigorous if your furry friend is an adult cat. You can count on your kitten to be stumbling around for a few months for sure!

Try to arrange a trip to the vet for your kitten as it is always best to have a professional check out your cat and make any recommendations to you it may need. Also you can build a long-term relationship with your veterinarian which may help your kitty to be more comfortable abound the vet.

Make sure you have the appropriate items to take care of a cat. The necessities would include a litter box, litter, food (make sure your giving your cat the correct food for its age), bowls, a collar, toys, bedding, and training aids. You can find more specific details on these items in other articles.



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