About Us

Our Vision

So that felines everywhere are shown the compassion and respect they deserve, both domesticated and stray. 


Our Mission

To formally provide a resource for the  further education of feline owners everywhere, through the exchange of knowledge, information, and tools to create a better informed pet owner. 

Who We Are

We are a group of feline activists brought together by university to see proper and fair treatment of cats everywhere. We all are happy pet owners with a shared passion for felines. The origins of KittenPetCare.com stem from Northern Virginia where we as cat owners made better informing feline owners not a goal, but lifestyle. 

KittenPetCare.com is a resource dedicated to improving the care and treatment of felines everywhere. 


    Felines are one of the most popular pets in the world. With the continued growth and popularity of felines everywhere, we feel it our duty to support and inform cat owners everywhere. Let this be a source to improve your understanding and proper care of felines, not limited to just kittens as the name may imply, but for cat owners everywhere. We hope you find this resource helpful and cordially invite you to become an esteemed member for the KittenPetCare.com community by subscribing to our newsletter. We hope to inspire you to help better insure the lives of cats everywhere. 



Respectfully yours,


Team KittenPetCare.com